Friday 14 January 2022

Welcome back, Chuks Aneke

Chuks Aneke is returning permanently to Charlton on a reported £300,000 deal.

Initial reaction among fans has been mixed, but if he can't last a match, at least he can come on and score goals.   he hasn't been injured this season.

Rick Everitt has tweeted: 'It may backfire because Chuks Aneke is always going to be a fitness risk, but I am absolutely behind bringjng him back to Charlton. Big fan of him last season and he was literally irreplaceable when he left - except, as it turns out, with himself.'

Aneke will be available for the Cheltenham game and says he is 'buzzing' to get going:

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  1. The remainder of the season for Charlton is all about staying in League 1. They should manage that. If Mr Sandsgaard is truly ambitious then he needs to spend some money on players whoever the manager might be. I have a feeling JJ does not have a future in that role for the reason that he has had to make do and mend with what was already available during the catastrophic first quarter of the season. Actually JJ has done well but it's hardly a vote of confidence that despite the return of Aneke there has been no real investment to improve the team. Let's hope that there are some positive backstage whispers that have yet to reach our tender ears.