Sunday 29 January 2012

Chris Powell: I am doing it the Curbs way

Chris Powell says that he has gone back to Alan Curbishley's tried and tested methods in a major interview forming a centre spread in today's The Football League Paper. 

He said, 'We've got to keep the same mindset that we want to win games, we want to score, we want to play with style and we want to use the ball well.   When we come up against tough teams, a moment of quality and a moment of brilliance can win it for you.'

'I learnt that under Alan Curbishley, who was a great manager for this football club, and it was a great loss when he left because we were the club that had stability.   A club needs stability.  It needs a group of players the club identifies with, and when I came back last year I quickly realised that wasn't happening.'

'I felt the only way was to start anew, start with a fresh group who wanted to impress not only myself, not only my staff but also a new group of supporters.'

'It is huge for this club to have someone who knows what it means because ever since I walked through the gates at the Valley in 1998 I've known what makes the club tick.  The fans want you to be proud of playing for their club, they want that real work ethic and if you can play with a little bit of style even better - and we've done that this year.'

'I needed that feeling of community, involving ourselves with the fans.  We needed to get back to that, in a big way.  You can sense the atmosphere is changing again.'

After months when they have been obsessed with any League 1 club playing in Yorkshire, it's good to see The Football League Paper giving Charlton some recognition at last.

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