Wednesday 18 January 2012

Still licking their wounds in Sheffield

They're still licking their wounds at Hillsborough over Saturday's defeat and now owner Milan Mandaric has contributed his four ha'peth:

His view is that Wednesday are better than they showed against Charlton.   This, of course, had nothing to do with how the Addicks played.   Instead Mandaric goes on about the 'massive numbers' of supporters as if this guaranteed victory.  

Nevertheless, the notion of Wednesday as a massive club does seem to be gaining traction.   I received an online questionnaire today which included a 'which club do you support?' question.  Of course, only League 1 club was listed: the mighty Owls.

I actually think the Blades are more of a threat to us on the pitch which is why I am looking forward to Saturday.   They seem to be quite big themselves as away seats having been selling at well above average numbers.

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