Monday 23 January 2012

Clive Mendoca collection

Sir Clive Mendonca is selling off his collection connected with the Wembley play-off victory and also other Charlton items:

The sale is being organised by Steve Jones whom I recall had to conduct a similar auction himself.

It's all very sad.  I hope the sale goes well.   Possibly the club may wish to purchase items of special interest or significance.


  1. Hello Wyn. Swedeaddick here,what´s happened to Clive Mendonca, why is this auction taking place ?

  2. I guess he has run out of money, he didn't have a role after he stopped playing.

  3. Also Mendonca, despite his heroic role in originally getting Charlton to the premiership never enjoyed a long period of premiership wages as he was soon plagued by injuries.