Tuesday 3 January 2012

Lino was guilty man

I thought I recognised the East Stand lino on Saturday.   But then then are plenty of short linos in need of hair restorer who either can't see what is happening in front of them or are frightened to tell the referee despite their grand 'assistant' title.

Now Rick Everitt has reminded me of 'that famous occasion when he gave Fulham a free-kick when a Fulham player handled the ball, enabling them to score a last-minute equaliser in Pardew's first match in charge.'

One Addick responded, 'And I still believe we would have stayed up if the linesman and [methane breathing referee] Poll had not got that so wrong. Poll lists it as one of his big mistakes, but goes on to say that it was the linesman that really made the mistake and that he had only awarded a free kick on the touchline not a penalty and that Charlton didn't defend it properly.'

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