Sunday 8 January 2012

Chris Powell on racism storm

Chris Powell talks about the recent 'racism storm' in English football, pointing out that Charlton has been a leading club in this respect but even we can't stand still:


  1. This is a society problem, however, we suffer from a few racist fools at Charlton. At Orient and again at Fulham it was apparent that some of our support still hold views which have no place at a club like Charlton. At Orient I put it down to 'casual support' but the scum behind me at Fulham were regular away supporters. At least I won't have to sit near them at Wednesday as there will be more room. Perhaps my glasses are a bit rose tinted, but as a young white boy in the 70's going home and away with my West Indian and Turkish mates there never seemed to be an issue. I always thought that Millwall was a better home for people with neanderthal tendencies, maybe we picked up these clowns during our 'glory years'...

  2. Interesting that this happened at Orient and Fulham. There were some racists at Brentford too, where my nephew had to tell them to shut up. The club may need to act on this before it gets out of hand. Really strange we have picked these idiots up when the club is so actively anti-racist.