Wednesday 11 January 2017

Can mercurial talent be kept on track?

That is the question Karl Robinson is reasonably asking himself about Tony Watt: Talented, but

Watt is certainly an exciting player, but also sometimes too selfish, trying to do it all himself rather than releasing the ball.

He will be on the bench on Saturday, weather permitting.


  1. NO thanks rip up his contract plus rumour has it hes put on a few £ Jenkinson off to palace for 7m which should give us 2% of any fee agreed more money being freed to the transfer fund

  2. Watt left Celtic Park that night with a message from Lennon: “Don’t let this be all you are remembered for.” Lennon wanted the goal to be a springboard. Watt had pace, power and the uncanny ability to keep the ball attached to his boot that separated him from other Scots.