Wednesday 11 January 2017

Reprieve for Millwall?

Our sister site, The Political Economy of Football, reports on a possible reprieve for Millwall in the bid to save land around their ground from a compulsory purchase order: Reprieve?

I know we have a needle derby against them coming up, but what is happening at The New Den is a potential threat to all clubs with established grounds, including us, in the name of 'regeneration' or 'gentrification'. All fans should sign the petition.

As it so happens, I have a greater dislike for the Nigels and Nigellas of Sellout Park than Millwall who are at least an authentic club rather than a bunch of suburban [comments deleted by editor].

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  1. HANG ON. You call us suburban yet charlton the club and SE7 isn't?. I lived in the inner city of south London most of my life - Stockwell, Loughborough Junction and Battersea and support palace and charlton the club and the area has never been a inner city club or area in my eyes. You always been a dull suburban club with no rivals in which you had to look for support in Kent to boost number at the pikey infested shithole. Ive never met a charlton fan in my life from the inner city and know more palace from South London than you clows and long may that continue. I even know more Fulham and Wimbledon fans that I do charlton fans. To me if you not in Zone 2 then you in the suburbs. Charlton is in the surburbs of south east london as south norwood is in the south london suburbs. What a hypocrite