Thursday 19 January 2017

Robinson in legal tangle

Karl Robinson has got caught up in a legal tangle not necessarily of his own making after Dele Ali's agent had to put his company into administration when faced with a two million pound tax bill. Robinson is a shareholder in the company and was involved in Ali's development as a player. Robinson so far has not made any comment on the matter: Off pitch problems

Charlton Athletic have stated emphatically that they have no players on their books from Impact Sports Management.


  1. Wyn, have to see how this one plays out but not sure you can say this is a legal tangle "not of his own making". He decided to become a shareholder in the company. If the article is correct he became a shareholder around the time of Dele Ali's transfer to Spurs. Presumably either he bought a stake in the company or was given it for 'services rendered' and/or services to be delivered. Don't know if such arrangements are commonplace in football, but doesn't smell good, especially if any such involvement with any player agents is repeated at Charlton.

  2. In principle I agree, but I always qualify everything like this because of the law of defamation.