Monday 2 January 2017

You couldn't make it up

I was going to make my April Fool's story this year the formation of a True Supporters' Association by Cyril Brownnose of Pratts Bottom, ably assisted by the overseas chapter led by Roland Parrot of Sint Truiden.

Talk about life imitating art, there is talk on social media of a Pro Owners Group being formed, although apparently it is being put back until February.

I find it difficult to see how anyone who has listened to the 'Getting to Know the Network' podcasts could be pro owner.

I was prepared to cut the new owners some slack initially to give them a chance. Moreover, although my view of Chris Powell was and is very positive, I don't think he is beyond criticism.

What is evident is that fans are divided and that the atmosphere is becoming more toxic. In my view the blame for this rests mainly with the owner and the chief executive. However, I will need to consider this summer whether I want to continue coming to somewhere that is as much a protest venue as it is a football ground.

As we look forward to celebrating three years of Roland's ownership, you may want to watch this short video: Roland in charge

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