Monday 30 January 2017

Sound familiar?

Blackpool chairman Karl Oyston has attacked hard core activists opposing his stewardship of the club where he has been in charge since 1999. He said, 'There's normally a half a dozen or so outside the ground on match day waving a banner around. They are people with no alternatives, nothing to offer and just want to criticise, deride and abuse the proper fans that come into the ground.'

'Their numbers are dwindling, the interest is dwindling and they're a busted flush. They have nothing to offer and you can only go on for so long trotting out the same tired rhetoric before they get bored of it. We run the club and yet naively, perhaps childishly, think we should be driven away.'

In 2010-11 Blackpool were in the Premier League and the £100m plus windfall presented an opportunity for prudent investment. Instead, Oyston-owned clubs and subsidiaries have drawn more than £28m in interest free loans from a club that continues to make a profit (£7.5m in the latest accounts). They are currently 13th in League Two.

Perhaps Katrien could arrange a meeting between Karl Oyston and Roland to commiserate with each other.

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  1. Wyn, and to underline the point Blackpool averaged 10,928 in 2014/15 in the Championship and so far this season 3,581. However many wave banners around outside is less important than the numbers who have stopped going. But of course those people aren't 'real fans'.