Tuesday 24 January 2017

Shrimpers sack groundsman over their frozen pitch

Southend United have sacked their head groundsman because their pitch was unplayable on Saturday: Frozen out. The decision has been criticised by fans on social media.

Up the river Charlton's groundsman had to explain a situation that was not of his own making.

The club retains complete confidence in Katrien Meire as chief executive.


  1. Maybe the CEO should be sacked then if she had the final say so on whether to connect the previously unconnected under soil heating in line with Southend? Or is this just a Premier or Championship League requirement LOL!

  2. It's all very simple .....metaphorically Roly is "the organ grinder" and KM is "the monkey." Don't shoot the piano player aka the groundsman !

  3. So despite being owned by a billionaire and having just sold a player for some millions who they signed for nothing the club doesn't have the money to run the pitch heating system! Doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about these people?

    Luv Robin