Friday 13 January 2017

Derby day

It's difficult to say anything fresh about a derby between Charlton and Millwall. Indeed, Richard Cawley of the South London Press seems to have been struck dumb on the encounter between two teams he has to cover with all the enthusiasm he can muster as a Fulham supporter.

However, The Times had a fresh angle yesterday, arguing that the revival in clothing sales at Marks and Spencers could be attributed to the 'back to basics' approach of the Millwall supporter now in charge of the company. The analogy drawn was that Route One football should ensure victory for the visitors at The Valley this afternoon.

The Times commented, 'Put a Millwall fan in charge of the frocks and look what you get, the best Marks & Spencer clothing sales for six years. They're a right bunch of fashonistas down at The Den - or at least the ones that remember to keep their tops on.'

However, another Times report pronounced the M & S results as 'close, but no cigar' so it could well be a derby draw this afternoon. Indeed, in 2009-10 it ended 4-4. Odds are: Charlton 15/8, Draw 23/10, Millwall 29/20.

The CAS Trust preview reminds us of our wretched record against our neighbours: Uphill struggle

Voice of the Valley has a link to its report on the last time we beat Millwall - in 1996: Past times

There will be now new VOTV on sale this week. Rumours that following a visit to a brewery mid-week Rick Everitt was going to put out a special souvenir edition containing a free spanner turned out to be baseless.

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