Friday 3 August 2018

Austerity regime at Sparrows Lane

Bottled water is being rationed at Sparrows Lane and the air conditioning is barely on. The Independent takes an in depth look at the plight of Charlton and the challenges facing Lee Bowyer: Charlton

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  1. I recommend reading this article if only to enjoy the astonishing poppycock in the club statement. The club's PR expert Rubashow has apparently shrunk from putting his name to this bilge and I can only hope he was holding his nose when he wrote it. Putting the academy players onto tapwater cannot possibly have any effect on a £40 million purchase negotiation. Knocking £30 million off the asking price as an acknowledgement of the utter disaster Duchatelet has made of his stewardship of the club would make a huge difference. Once again this club statement merely serves to excuse the inexcusable.

    Luv Robin