Thursday 23 August 2018

Vetokele on the bench

Igor Vetokele is expected to be on the bench for Saturday's encounter with Fleetwood Town who demolished Scunthorpe 5-0 on Wednesday. Jason Pearce, Tariqe Fosu and Ben Reeves are about to return to full training: Injured players returning


  1. Once described by the ‘great’ Karl Robinson as a ‘basket case’ of a club, who in their right mind would have anything to do with Charlton right now?
    The patience of even the most long-standing fans have been taken to braking point and beyond, as our once respected club lurches from crisis to crisis, while that Belgian idiot assets strips the club and watches it very slowly die without a care.
    In the meantime, as much as Lee Bowyer tries to get his thread bare squad to perform week after week, the signs are that once again lack of numbers and over reliance on youngster make us someway short of being competitive.
    The over reliance of loans and players coming back from injury is also a real concern, as in most cases they have missed pre-season training and are not match fit. Putting too much pressure on these players before they are ready will inevitably lead to further injuries.
    The trend these days is for clubs to play at a high intensity, which means that clubs train at a high intensity, increasing the risk of injury (see Jake Foster-Caskey).
    Any club with any realistic ambition therefore must have a squad that not only has competition for places, but can cover injuries, something the Belgian idiot has constantly failed to understand.
    Quote: “Ignoring our mistakes is a sign of immaturity and stupidity”.

  2. Having supported the Addicks since 1946 I totally agree with everything that you have written.It is so very sad but whatever the outcome one will always support the team that you have followed since boyhood.We live in hope.