Friday 31 August 2018

Roland: the football business doesn't suit me

Roland Duchatelet has admitted in an interview with a Belgian publication that the football business does not suit him. It is too irrational. Investing in football was the mistake of his life.

Roland draws a parallel with his unsuccessful venture into politics, saying that in both politics and football emotions outweigh logical thinking. An alternative explanation is that Roland is not the visionary he thinks he is.

Certainly his later remarks about teachers and Portuguese who lay cobbles in Belgium would suggest this is the case. He is someone who has made a lot of money in business who thinks he can then sort out everything else.

Thanks to a translation by Heather McKinlay you can read the whole interview here: Roland's big mistake


  1. His ego driven delusion and denial is astounding.

    Once again, it isn't his fault, it is everyone else's emotions that get in the way of his entirely rational, efficient and effective business mind.

    How could anyone pick holes in his rational business strategy? He purchases a club one division below the Golden egg of premier league riches and this savvy business mind decides to hire a Corporate lawyer with no footballing background to be CEO. Together they spearheaded Charlton's grand plan to sell all our best players for far less than their market worth, destroy any chance of promotion, sack a popular manager, alienate fans, dig their heels in, refuse to invest in the squad, watch crowds dwindle, sell more promising young players, get relegated, refuse to invest in the team adequately and that is barely scratching the surface.

    What a rational, genius of a businessman. He's just on the verge of turning the club around and all those pesky overly emotional Charlton fans have to scupper his Masterplan.

    You're right Roland, you're too good for all us emotive plebs, time to get out of football. We'll all look back in a few years time and rue our foolishness. We'll be begging at your door to return. For now Roland, please forgive us, we just don't have your rational, astute, business acumen.

  2. Replies
    1. No serious businessman would appoint a chief executive with no knowledge of the industry and no experience of senior management to run a struggling new acquisition. And no serious businessman faced with a peripheral minor subsidiary running up losses with no hope of recovery and a willing buyer would not take the opportunity to cut their losses and walk away. He's a nutter, isn't he?

      Luv Robin

  3. It is an extraordinary interview. The non-football sections are particularly revealing of his character and nature. His comments on both teachers and immigrants, particularly Muslims, are utterly mind-blowing. Those ideas are simply evil. He is a self-absorbed rationaliser with no ounce of humanity in his dry, and soulless being.