Wednesday 22 August 2018

Staff wlll not get bonuses

Staff at Charlton have been told they will not be paid their bonuses because the club had a very bad financial year. That is, of course, the result of the parlous management of Roland: Bad financial year

Staff are meeting this afternoon and a statement will be issued later. There is talk of strike action at Saturday's game against Fleetwood Town. CARD are also organising a demonstration for Saturday.

Rick Everitt has tweeted, 'About 20 staff left at The Valley. Includes ground staff, accounts, IT, comms, tickets, commercial, matchday safety and disabled liaison. Current dispute involves all areas.'


  1. I've just read email provided in your link. Absolutely shocking! The losses are a direct result of 4 and a half years miss management by the current owner and nothing to do with economic climate or any other external influences for that matter. Dreadful.

  2. efl are unfit for purpose bit like our useless chairman murray who stays silent like simon fucking garfunkle