Sunday 26 August 2018

The peasants' revolt

Despite brutal cost cutting and a refusal to listen by Roland Duchatelet Charlton fans will not give up the fight at The Valley declares the Daily Mail. The article, which is almost as extensively illustrated with good photographs as Richard Redden's history of the club, makes an analogy with the peasants' revolt at Blackheath: Charlton fans fight on

The article says that what is holding up the takeover is the question of the price. Roland wants £35m, the Australians want to pay a realistic £25m. This is consistent with information I have received from other sources.

The situation at Charlton has now had sympathetic and extensive coverage in the national media. Roland is no doubt impervious, although the one or two articles in the Belgian press may have had more impact along with the recent leafleting of Sint Truiden.


  1. Wyn I'm getting confused by the numbers now. When you say Roland wants £35m, the Australians want to pay a realistic £25m, does that include the money That RD says he has lent the club?

  2. No Danny it does not. Roland would also need to style the remaining debt which will be £65m - £25m = £40m (ouch) by around Christmas.

  3. Thanks David. That doesn't sound so good then. £65m for a League One club is a bit over the top.