Friday 24 August 2018

League intervenes at Charlton

The English Football League has issued a statement on Charlton: 'The EFL continues to note the various comments emanating from multiple sources in regard to matters relating to the day-to-day operations at Charlton Athletic Football Club. Following a number of discussions dating back a number of weeks, the EFL plans to meet with both Charlton Athletic and the Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust to gain a full understanding of the current situation that surrounds the club.'

'In the intervening period, as we do with all our clubs, we will continue to monitor developments, offer any practical assistance that is available to us as we seek to protect the integrity and reputation of our competitions. In the context of any debate relating to operational decisions taken by a club, it is important to make the point that these matters are determined by the individual Boards and Executive teams at each our 72 member clubs. We will offer support as required to assist clubs in complying with our regulations and contractual obligations.'

This is a significant development as the League is reluctant to intervene in the affairs of individual clubs. It is not, and has never seen itself as, a fans' representative organisation. The key phrase here is 'seek to protect the integrity and reputation of our competitions.' The volume and prominence of media coverage has been considerable.

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