Thursday 6 December 2018

Bowyer: I am over the moon

Lee Bowyer says that he is 'over the moon' after being named League One Manager of the Month, it is something for the club as well as him personally. There is a nice appraisal of his achievements here: Manager of the Month

Unfortunately, 'the curse of manager of the month' means that it is often followed by a dip in form.


  1. Come on Wyn, can we not debunk this particular 'curse'. The award merely reflects the success during the period of a particular team, and for each month there has to be a 'most successful team'. Being that team usually involves some luck, things going your way, and these things do even out. A run of exceptional results by definition has to come to an end (unless they are not exceptional but do in fact reflect the team's ability), the the odds are heavily in favour of the most successful team for a month not being able to continue to be so. Or am I just being a killjoy?

    1. That's all very reasonable, the myth probably does need debunking.

  2. Watch us now go on a winless run till end of jan

  3. This award is a jinx look what happened last time he got it was it 4 straight defeats

  4. what did I tell u the award is a fucking jinx should never except it bowyer it fuck up yr season watch us now go on a bad run thanks a lot efl