Tuesday 25 December 2018

The end of Christmas Day football

Football was once a feature of Christmas Day, but came to an end in the late 1950s as attendances fell: The end of Christmas Day football

The last Christmas Day match at The Valley was in 1956 when Charlton beat Doncaster Rovers 2-0 in front of a crowd of 15,698, petrol rationing being given as the reason for the low attendance.

Many players did not have cars, and had to use sparse public transport services to make their way to The Valley, although sometimes fans gave them a lift.

Once returning from an away fixture 'oop north the Charlton players managed to drink the restaurant car crew under the table.

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  1. Hi Wyn, Just read your post.Surely Charlton were in the first division division in December 56 a season rhet were relegated.I think the last Christmas day game was probably in 1957.
    Wishing you a happy and peaceful new year