Friday 21 December 2018

Same old song from Roland

Roland Duchatelet has been on Talksport again today, but it is not clear why as he had nothing new to say. VOTV editor Rick Everitt commented, 'Duchatelet is talking rubbish as usual - operating loss is why his asking price is unreasonable. Protests were about cheating the staff out of their bonuses - ask him what the EFL have said to him about that!'

Rick Everitt summarised the interview as follows: 'No answer on player sales in January, no answer on whether he’ll put the price up on promotion, no interest in seeing the team, waffle about the value of the land, sale no further forward but could happen soon.'

Everitt added: 'Operating loss [supposedly putting off buyers] is off the scale because of his mismanagement - if punitive then it affects the asset price. Can’t have it both ways. That’s why he talks about land value BUT the timescale and practicalities of realising that mean it’s not persuasive.'

The claim that protests are putting off buyers is risible as there have hardly been any this year.

It looks like another ego massaging exercise by the barmy Belgian.

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