Sunday 9 December 2018

Rob Lee condemns Roland

In a full page interview in today's Football League Paper former Charlton star Rob Lee tells Roland Duchatelet 'if you don't want Charlton. sell up.' Lee said, 'Charlton is a family club and I have never seen so much animosity over an owner.'

He continued, 'I don't get these guys who buy clubs and don't have any interest in running them. They have a lot of money, maybe they get bored and buy a football club. It's not like a business. You've got passionate people who've been involved for generations. Roland has antagonised so many people. It's simple in my eyes - if you don't want it, sell it.'

Discussing Lee Bowyer, he said, 'I know Lee very well and he's doing a great job with the team. It's just obviously off the pitch that's the problem. I think he will just get on with it on the pitch and rightly not get involved in anything else.'

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