Sunday 25 December 2011

Addicks ripe for plucking

The view being taken in Yeovil is that following their recent 'dip in form' the Addicks are ripe for plucking by the resurgent Glovers today:

On one level this is the usual kind of bigging up nonsense one hears from an opposition team trying to boost morale in advance of a big match.   I am far from sure that two draws constitutes a dip in form, even if the Bloke Behind Me has already proclaimed it a slump.

However, Yeovil have shown themselves to be tricky opposition at home in our last two visits and I am not sure how well our depleted midfield will cope with their much vaunted diamond formation (although clearly Fleetwood Town did).

One worry for the home side is the condition of the 'Glovers' glover' as the alliteration merchants like to put it.   Rene Gilmartin is on loan from Watford and has been proclaiming that he has been enjoying the west country so much that he would like to stay.   However, he dislocated his finger in the last game before Christmas.  

Given that the youth keeper and the goalkeeeping coach are both out of action it looks as if Gilmartin will play on given that so far there is no sign of Yeovil dipping into the emergency loan market.  In any case that would have meant finding someone over Christmas and the lucky individual then locating Yeovil.

We are now at a stage of year where people expect to read results off the table so no doubt the roof will fall in if we don't win today.   I think this is going to be a tricky, nervy match and I am by no means confident.  

One encouraging piece of news is that the referee got new contact lenses for Christmas.   One of the linos was given a 'Dummy's Guide to the Offside Rule' in his stocking while the other one has been given a book 'How the Assistant Referee Can Actually Assist'.

Paul May enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner at his mum's in Blackfen yesterday but will be heading down to the west country to cover the game.

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  1. I saw 'Mouts' in his first game for Hayes and unfortunately he was way off the mark for Conference football, which is very sad to see because I thought he was good for us until his fallout.