Sunday 4 December 2011

Fulham away

I have mixed feelings about being drawn away to Fulham in the FA Cup.   It is a London match so there should be a good turnout of the Addickted.   However, I would have preferred Fulham at home which would have given us a better chance of getting something out of the tie.

It's hardly going to be a big money spinner given the capacity of the Cottage.  Fulham fans will probably not see it as that exciting a fixture so the crowd is unlikely to reach capacity.   The attention of television will be elsewhere.

I always regard Fulham as a slightly odd club.   The last time I was there they had a section for 'neutrals', although in practice many Addicks were in there.   However, I did get into conversation with a genuine neutral after the game which perhaps suggests that they had tapped into a niche London market.

The only Fulham fan I know is slightly weird which sort of reflects the club.   I remember going there once and I was right alongside the Fulham supporters who were wearing suits and ties and it wasn't a hopsitality section.   You hear more cut glass accents there than at any other London club apart from Arsenal.   It is in Putney, but then most of the supporters come from further afield.

Happy Back to the Valley day!   There have been some ups and downs since then, but we are playing in our own historic ground, a much improved one, managed by one of our former players and with every prospect of a return to the Championship.

Coincidentally it happens to be the day on which I met my wife, but nearly forty years ago of course!

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