Wednesday 14 December 2011

What will Oldham's cup victory mean?

Last night's 1-0 victory over the Shrimpers gave Oldham Athletic a trip to Anfield in the FA Cup.   It will be a big financial boost for the cash strapped club.   Charm merchant manager Paul Dickov (whom I remember spitting at the Addickted at Blackpool) has been bigging it up, claiming that it will create a real buzz around the town.   No doubt the many City and United supporters who live there will become Lactics for the game, particularly given the opposition.

How will this affect Saturday's game, if at all?   Will it give the visitors a confidence boost or will they be exhausted from their exertions against the Shrimpers?  I honestly don't know, but I think that we can beat them.

I have to go to Rome early tomorrow morning on a work trip so I may not be able to provide the normal pre-match service.   Indeed, given anti-austerity protests in Italy, I am wondering if I will get back for the match.   My hosts said that they would send a car to the airport to meet me but I was not filled with confidence when I was told to look out for a sign for 'Ms. Win'.  On the other hand, it could be a good omen for Saturday.

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