Friday 16 December 2011

Serie C: no good

That was the verdict of my taxi driver in Rome yesterday when he asked me which football club I supported. Perhaps if I had a named a Premiership club I wouldn't have got overcharged.

Not suprisingly, there is little discussion in Rome about tomorrow's game against Oldham.   What is perhaps more surprising is that I have been able to find very little on the internet, other than a rather grudging admission from an Oldham fan site that we 'might poach a narrow victory'.   If 1st can't beat 16th convincingly, it would be a concern.

I hear that the weather hasn't been too good in Blighty, but I am sure it will be game on.   My focus is on getting back given further disruption expected here this afternoon as the Chamber of Deputies votes on the austerity package.   This has already produced some wrestling on the floor of the chamber.

I was invited to dinner last night at a yacht club on the Tiber (it seeemed to offer other sports as well) and I must say that I didn't see much evidence of austerity.

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