Monday 19 December 2011

Wall Street Journal denounces Charlton

The Wall Street Journal has published an article arguing that American football is superior to 'soccer'.  No surprise there, you might say.   What is a surprise is that Charlton Athletic is castigated for its 'crumbling, violence infested stadium.'   Of course, the writer appears to have lived in the States for a long time.

CAFC Picks editor Ken Jennings drew this piece to my attention and has already left a comment which I intend to do as well (once I have registered - although the job title choices offered are CEO etc. going down to 'other managerial' and 'other professional').

You can read the article here:

Tom Morris has tweeted to point out that the article doesn't actually say that The Valley was crumbling, but stadiums that hosted teams like Charlton Athletic.   'Hosted' is a bit vague in this context and the author seems to find the name of the Addicks odd, although admittedly we are one of only three league teams called Athletic (the others being Oldham and Wigan).   Central TV used to delight at one time in calling us 'anything but athletic'.

See also further thoughts from me at:

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