Friday 9 December 2011

No fear for Saddlers says Sadler

With Walsall coming off a three match unbeaten run, left back Mat Sadler [sic] insists that tomorrow's match against Charlton holds no fear for them.   In his view teams in League 1 are all pretty much the same:

In that case it's quite surprising that there is already such a dispersal of points across the league or that the bookies are backing a Charlton win.  Coral are offering Walsall 10/3; Draw 5/2; Charlton 5/6.  Pride becomes before a fall, of course.

I have some good memories of matches at the Banks's.   When both teams were in what was then the first division, but the Addicks were heading out and the Saddlers were going down, we won 4-2 in a match in which Mark Kinsella played a key role.

Walsall fans were staging a demonstration that night and the Addickted broke into an ironic chant of 'Sack the board!' after the fourth goal went in.   As he emerged from the directors' 'lounge', Richard Murray was confronted by a protesting Saddler who demanded to know why he had not spent any money.  He had the satisfaction of replying: 'I am a Charlton director and I have spent some money.'

The match will be a special attraction for No.1 Walsall Addick Graham Speller who lives just a few miles from the ground and can converse in the local dialect.

I know I am tempting fate, but I am going for a 2-1 win for the Addicks.

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