Thursday 21 October 2021

Nigel Adkins has left Charlton

Nigel Adkins has left Charlton and Johnnie Jackson and Jason Euell are in temporary charge:

Whether this represents a longer term solution remains to be seen.   Jackson is understandably popular with fans, but he was also in charge of defensive coaching under the Adkins set up which is hardly a recommendation.   However, attracting a good manager to a League One club in the relegation zone will not be easy.

We shall also have to see if the players are good enough to respond to different leadership, again I have my doubts.

The talk of Alan Curbishley in an advisory role is being revived, but it is six years since he had such a role at Fulham and that didn't go too well.

Richard Cawley reports: 'Just had a chat with Thomas Sandgaard. He's made it clear that no rush to bring in a replacement and that Johnnie Jackson will get a crack at showing what he can do.'

Thomas Sandgaard on Talksport, sounded gutted but says it’s result driven and we can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Says JJ will be allowed time to grow into the role and make it his own so he’s here for now (but) they’ll look outside to keep options open.
Says players need to be fitter and more driven, talents in the squad but it’s not happening. He believes we’ll turn it round and acknowledges fans were turning but didn’t influence his decision.
Simon Jordan made a good point about if the fitness isn’t there now, will it ever be? And that JJ’s a good guy but he’s been part of two set ups that haven’t worked.


  1. Pleased to see TS finally admit it wasn't working.
    However there are deeper issues than just the manager to be addressed.
    JJ and Euell as caretakers is understandable, but are absolutely not the right long term manager(s)

  2. Definitely deeper issues. They are ok as caretakers, but not the long term solution.

  3. JJ was part of the Bowyer set up that won promotion and was unlucky not to stay up in the Championship during the asset stripping years. If he has to shoulder some blame for the Adkins reign then he should be credited with some of the success under Bowyer. Suggests that the assistant manager role is not the decisive factor in the team's performance.

    I was concerned when Roddy was hired based on his prior reputation and given that Gallen/Bowyer/Jackson were doing a good job in the transfer market. The signings since Roddy's arrival and handling of the transfer window must largely be his responsibility and raise further concerns.

    Generally I hope JJ and Euell can transform our playing style which this season has regressed beyond plausibility for a professional team. There's a lot of work to do tactically and technically before we can compete.

    The jury remains out on the quality of players at the club. Many arrived with good reputations. Was Adkins stymieing their ability or are they simply not good enough? Remains to be seen but there are glimpses from the likes of Washington, Stockley, Lee, Gibley, Arter, Leko, Blackett Taylor and even DJ to suggest there is some talent going forward if set up correctly. Defensively I'm convinced Famewo and Lavelle are good players but the back line looks a shambles currently (which could be because the midfield keep leaving them exposed by their inability to hold onto the ball or to provide adequate defensive cover).

    We will see but things surely can't get worse than the football we've had to endure so far this season. For that alone, the change is welcome.

  4. I do agree that the defence have been let down by the midfield.