Friday 21 October 2022

Cause for concern

One should never underestimate the capacity of football fans to engage in negative hyperbole about their clubs.  A Leeds United fan was complaining on Radio 5 this morning that her team were worse than a Sunday league or pub team against Leicester last night.   The Leeds team I saw giving Arsenal a game on Match of the Day on Sunday looked well above that level.

One might think that with people facing so many other challenges in their lives at the moment they would try and be a bit more positive about their football team.   Nevertheless, it has to be admitted that the many pessimists at Charlton have cause for concern.

Thomas Sandgaard's break even objective is no more realistic than unfunded tax cuts.   It can only be achieved at League One at the expense of success on the pitch.

There is also grounds for concern about the churn of backroom staff at The Valley.  Finance director Emma Parker is the latest to leave.   Something is clearly not right behind the scenes.

Two home wins should at least have boosted the team's confidence, but we now face two difficult away matches.   Charlton are now the only team in League One not to have won an away match, having drawn four and lost three.

Shrewsbury Town are tough opponents.  Eighth in the league, they are third in the form table while Charlton are sixth from bottom.   They have done slightly better away from home, but have still lost just two home games.   Could they be the best thing to come out of Shropshire since T'Pau?

The short excerpts on The Football League Show can be misleading, but they look fluent and well organised.   Such is their commitment that even their physio got booked at Fleetwood last Saturday.

Manager Ben Garner has been described as 'clueless' by one fan, but the use of a 4-4-2 formation has helped as it is uncomplicated and players know where they should be and what they are supposed to do.

Nevertheless, I would settle for an away point tomorrow.  CAS Trust points out that the Shrews have played all five teams in the bottom five and hopes for three points:

One unnamed first teamer is not available through a minor injury tomorrow (not Rak-Sakyi):

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  1. I'm pleased to see you have finally acknowledged all is not well at CAFC.