Friday 28 October 2022

Tractors look forward to 'tough test'

Ipswich Town manager Kieran McKenna reckons that Charlton did not get the results their play deserved earlier in the season.   He notes that we are second to them in terms of possession metrics, but then it is a question of what you do with the possession:

The Tractors beat Port Fail 3-2 midweek to make it six wins away from home and only one defeat.

McKenna is looking forward to a 'good football match' and certainly Ipswich will not park the bus.  We were unable to break down MK's defence or deal with their counter attacks on Tuesday.

Just as one can't read football results off the table, one can't read them off from the last game.   Ipswich say this will be a 'tough test' for them, but it will be even tougher for us.  It's difficult to be optimistic, but often Charlton do better against higher ranked teams.   That is the hope of CAS Trust in their preview:

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