Tuesday 4 October 2022

Down the Football League we go

The significant development last night was not the 2-1 defeat at Colchester in the pizza trophy, but the fact that results elsewhere meant we fell to 16th place in League One.

If we win in the pizza trophy, it's seen as irrelevant.  If we lose, it's a disaster.  The Colchester paper has a full and balanced match report: https://www.gazette-news.co.uk/news/23020425.colchester-united-beat-charlton-athletic-papa-johns-trophy/

Thomas Sandgaard's break even objective is not compatible with success on the pitch in League One.  However, football supporters do expect a lot of a benefactor in terms of backing something they value.

The 'it was better under Roland' crowd are now out in greater force.  They seem to forget his treatment of Chris Powell and the hapless managers he foisted on us.  The money he put in was in the form of loans attracting interest, albeit not an excessive amount.

If anything gets me down it's the pessimism and negativity of Charlton supporters.  Even so, confidence is now an issue for the team and Saturday's fixture will be a tough one.


  1. Let me cover a couple of your points:
    The Papa Johns trophy is a meaningless, worthless, idiotic, competition that needs to consigned to the dustbin. Last nights' defeat should be of little concern. Except it showed once gain what a hopeless rabble/excuse for a football team has been gathered by Garner/Sandgaard. OUR football club deserves better than this.
    The 'better under Roland' crowd have selective memories. It was bad under Roland. Sadly, it's got worse under Sandgaard.
    We're 16th in League one (Div.3) Facing a probable relegation battle and Sandgaard can't afford to buy players to save us. Whilst Garner (who was sold a pup) is already looking like a beaten man.
    Crowds are down to the sort of numbers we saw in the seventies and diminishing. Entertaining football is long gone.
    Do you not think fans' pessimism is justified after the way this club has deteriorated over the last decade or so?

  2. Clearly there is some justification for pessimism, but a negative atmosphere won't spur on a team lacking confidence.