Sunday 16 October 2022

Why Sandgaard is less popular than Truss

VOTV editor Rick Everitt provides an in depth critique of what has gone wrong at The Valley under the stewardship of Thomas Sandgaard - and it has to be admitted that it is a formidable charge sheet.  Indeed, the Thanet Labour group leader compares the popularity of the hapless Danish-American with that of Greenwich resident Liz Truss (she got married at St. Alfege's Church):

Everitt doesn't mince his words when he says: 'Like the beleaguered prime minister, the Charlton owner’s credibility has been left in tatters by early failure and the lack of a persuasive plan to get back his regime back on track. Like her, his attempts to shift the blame on to others have proven unsuccessful.'

Making her loyalties clear

With everything else on her plate we can't expect the Norwich City fan to swell the numbers at The Valley any time soon.  Her near neighbour Kwasi Kwarteng has more time on his hands, but don't expect him either calling for 'kamikaze' attacking play.

The one encouraging piece of news imparted by the Rickster is that: 'And as with Truss, there are people willing to replace him. Voice of The Valley is aware of a new interested party with access to funds to relieve the US businessman of the liabilities and buy back the ground. However, the current owners remain an obstacle to progress. It isn't going to happen yet.'

After analysing the financial problems at Charlton, deep in the article Everitt admits: 'it is strongly arguable that the majority of the problem is structural and rooted in the game’s own financial contradictions, and therefore can no more be changed by him than but it could by the more diligent past boards of directors.'

That is why many of us favour an independent regulator for football as I argued in my book Political Football, but the Truss Government appears to be satisfied with a regulator under FA jurisdiction.

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