Wednesday 26 October 2022

Garner defends red card specialist

Many fans were critical of Ryan Inniss after last night's game, but Ben Garner has defended the red card specialist:

Garner admitted that his side needed a little more speed, tempo and cutting edge.   It was a very flat performance.   But then we have struggled with fitness all season with a limited squad.

Garner said it would have been a risk to start Steven Sessegnon:

I don't think that Clare did too well at left back.   The opportunity for MK to hit the bar was really the result of poor decision-making by him.   He is a good player, but he needs to be in the right place.


  1. Sending a team out with more square pegs than round holes
    Doing nothing about its abject impotence
    One enforced substitution and Garner makes everything worse
    Ignores Inniss's catastrophic performance with inevitable consequence
    Then blames the referee
    Garner is a busted flush
    An ignoramus adrift in a sea of delusion
    Ipswich will be rubbing their hands in anticipation of a record away victory

  2. I just could not understand why, Garner played Clare in place of Sessegnon. And why when Clare was having a complete nightmare. Garner didn't sub him off at half-time or even before.