Friday 28 October 2022

Sandgaard sometimes feels like a 'borderline Roland'

CAS Trust have reported in detail on a meeting with Thomas Sandgaard which covered a number of topics of concern:

I did find some of his answers somewhat vague and contradictory.   For example, he says that the break even target cannot be achieved just by cost cutting, but also thinks that our current cost base is too high (the fourth largest budget in League One).

He thinks there is a potential for revenue growth, but part of that appears to be achieved by creating a new culture in the club which some critics have seen as destructive.  It also surprising that the organisational structure of the club is still not sorted out after two years.

Sandgaard says sometimes he feels like 'a borderline Roland Duchatelet.'  He undoubtedly under estimated how difficult it is to run a football club successfully.

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