Friday 16 December 2022

Did 'immature' Garner lose the dressing room?

CAS Trust have provided the headlines from the fans' forum meeting:

Sandgaard said the club is not for sale, although he would always consider a really good offer.  He has put in £18m so far and still aims at break even.  He has refused to talk to Matt Southall.

He said that Ben Garner had crossed a line in starting a public discussion about whether he was backed or not.  Garner was a little bit immature and there was a perception that he had lost the dressing room.   The playing budget had increased substantially compared with the previous season and one would expect an improvement on the pitch.

Sandgaard admitted that he had made some mistakes and was willing to do some things differently, but there was also a determination to do thing his way (in particular not how a football club was run 20 or 30 years ago).  It is questionable whether he really understands the Charlton culture or values despite good intentions.

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