Monday 5 December 2022

So, farewell then, Ben Garner

For once the rumours were right.  Ben Garner was sacked as Charlton manager this morning after taking training.  When Richard Cawley tried to contact the club yesterday, he got a formal denial.

Garner's tactics and team selections were criticised and I am not claiming that he was a genius.  However, any manager would have found it difficult to achieve the goals he was given on the budget he was provided with.

A balanced appraisal by supporter Ben Hayes was: 'Garner seemed to place his football philosophy above winning games. He wasn't backed financially and had ridiculous injuries but he was not getting the best out of what he had,'

Our greatest success has come with managers in place for some time: Seed, Lawrence, Curbishley.  Since Curbs left in 2006 we have been through 14 managers in 16 years.

There is a great deal to be said for managerial stability.  Apart from anything else, sacking managers costs money that could be spent on players.  At my non-league club we have had the same manager for 12 years and he has delivered steady performance on a small budget.

It will be interesting to see who wants to take on this poisoned chalice now.   Whatever happens, the owner can't be sacked.    Unfortunately, more fans may become disillusioned and cease being active supporters.

Louis Mendez has said on BBC Radio London that he would be surprised if Lee Bowyer wanted to come back.  Given the emphasis on the style of play maybe they would want another young manager who played it around at the back until everyone got bored and went home.

Richard Cawley commented: 'Kenny Jackett has been at recent matches. Not saying this with any info that he is in the frame at all, but he is out of work and available. Equally, Tom Watt might get a short-term crack at it.'

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has also been mentioned (groan). If you have any good suggestions, put them in comments and I will organise an online poll in a few days.

Richard Cawley's take on the sacking is here:

Comments from CAS Trust are here:

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  1. the obvious, immediate and cheap option for Caretaker has been taken up with Anthony Hayes plus recent Charlton stalwart Jason Pearce
    very short odds they stay in post right through the next transfer window cos Skintgaard won't be able to convince anybody it's a job worth having while keeping his (empty) wallet firmly closed
    As for future prospects as manager from the bargain bin (no disrespect intended) the individual with good form, pedigree and Charlton heritage is Karen Hills. TS would love the exposure as the first men's club owner to appoint a female manager. He'll see it as win win i.e. cheap and very 2022 inclusive!
    Fairly sure Ms Hills has too much sense than to fall for all that old baloney