Sunday 18 December 2022

Elliot Lee's Charlton dream turned sour

Elliot Lee recalls his time with the Addicks for Wrexham Talk: ‘Charlton was a big deal for me, I've always wanted to play for Charlton. My dad played for Charlton, my granddad used to work on the turnstiles at Charlton when my dad played. Playing for Charlton meant a big for me, and honestly we didn't have a great season. ‘

‘We gave it our all but we weren't great for what Charlton fans expected, we weren't great and don't get me started on some of the people above, who own the club and run the club because they did not help at all and the fans actually knew what goes on behind the scenes and they'd probably have a bit more sympathy for us, but as a team we probably weren't good enough but I used to go home after every game and if we lost I'd be like “I've let so many people down".'

‘I'd go home and be like to my missus, to my mum and I'd be like “I'm just letting so many people down, we keep losing, we keep getting abused by the fans”. Charlton fans were great to me as well, they sung a song but then as time went on it started so good and then started to go down a bit and I'd come home and I'd be so down, taking that home like there's more to life than football.’

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