Monday 12 December 2022

One way relationship with Sandgaard

CAST's opening statements at tonight's forum say that they hoped to have "constructive relationship" with Thomas Sandgaard but that gradually over time it has become "very much one way" and that it has been "challenging" to get him to take onboard their comments.

Rick Everitt, one of the panel tonight, doesn't believe protests are helpful at this stage. Says it gives perception that "we will never accept any ownership if they are not immediately successful. I don't think that's a good narrative to be creating for the media or accurate."   [I agree]

Fan advisers Lucy Bishop and Lewis Catt have had update from TS on managerial search.  TS told them it is likely to "take weeks rather than days." TS described story about football agency looking to buy club as "garbage".

Some have interpreted this as indicating that TS does not intend to sell.   I never thought that he did, although I think he is interested in minority investment - but most potential buyers would want a degree of control, at least over how their money was used.

TS will provide more insight into Garner's dismissal at Thursday's fan forum [which he evidently intends to attend despite claims to the contrary].  Richard Cawley has commented, 'Has been a few things mentioned to me that I haven't put in the public domain yet, so wonder if those will be aired!'

CAS Trust are working on the development of a fans' charter.

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