Monday 19 December 2022

No deal with Mansour

There are conflicting stories on social media tonight but Thomas Sandgaard has denied that there is any deal with Mansour, although a new manager appointment may be imminent.

Richard Cawley states: ‘Thomas Sandgaard has just called me to deny that there is any deal with Mansour. Says he has never spoken to him or ever had any dealings with him. Also adds that Methven [formerly at Sunderland] is not going to be appointed to any role.’  [Rumours that he would become CEO].

Sandgaard also added that there is set to be an announcement tomorrow but "not about investment or change of ownership" but about "a change of personnel". He adds: "I'm hoping the fans will like the appointment."

Richard Cawley has also denied that Lee Bowyer will be returning.

Peter Varney has stated: ‘I have nothing to do with Mansour nor do I know if he has any interest in the club. Please support the team on Wednesday and make it a noisy and positive atmosphere however negative you feel about our current predicament.’

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