Tuesday 13 December 2022

Majority of fans blame Sandgaard

A majority of the fans who responded to our poll blamed Thomas Sandgaard for  Charlton's current plight (55 per cent).  However, 28 per cent selected the 'all of the above' option - Sandgaard, Garner and the players.  Eight per cent chose Sandgaard and Garner and three per cent each Garner, the players and other (see below).

58 per cent said it was not the right decision to sack Garner while 38 per cent said it was (four per cent other).

Specific comments on Garner were: 'He made his position untenable once he opened up questioning club culture. At that point he lost the dressing room'; 'Sacking managers every six months doesn't work;; 'Shouldn't have been appointed in the first place!'; 'Wrong plan, wrong manager from the start'.

In terms of general comments, one respondent put the principal blame on Roland.   Another comment was: 'All of the above. Witness the lack of continuity against Stockport last night save for a few minutes. Witness also the Stockport side being the same as the one which won on Saturday and were professional in everything they did. Quite easy to turn us over really; a good level of skill plus effort and commitment to the cause.'

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