Wednesday 21 December 2022

Methven speaks

Charlie Methven has spoken to the SLP's Richard Cawley:

He denies press reports that he has putting together a consortium of Americans and Qataris to acquire the club.   However, he says that SE7 Partners is the vehicle he and Warrick would use if they thought a takeover was viable in the future.

One of Methven's gimmicks at Sunderland was to change the stadium music, so watch out for the Red, Red Robin (mind you, getting rid of Addicks to Victory would be a plus):

Methven is an old Etonian and a public relations consultant, although chancer and opportunist might be more appropriate:

The Evening Standard reviews Sandgaard's tenure at the club here:

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  1. As usual a whole lot of noise and waffle dressed up as journalism about nothing of any substance whatsoever
    Not that any actual grown ups have been fooled!