Monday 19 December 2022

Is it Dean Holden?

Richard Cawley has stated: 'Nobody denying that Dean Holden is set to be Charlton's new manager, Put it that way. And quite a few calls and messages have gone into people who could easily deny it!' He subsequently stated that Holden will become head coach today. It is expected to be a three and a half year deal.

Cawley is also expecting 'other structural changes'. Anthony Hayes will be in charge of the team against Brighton.

Richard Cawley has stated: 'Indications as well that there is or was set to be staff meeting yesterday, now today. Suggests that even chief executive role could be filled as that would usually warrant some more formal kind of announcement. Another source has confirmed Andy Scott is defo coming in.'

However, other sources have denied there will be a chief executive appointment today.

More from Richard Cawley here:

There are unconfirmed reports that Andy Scott will be Director of Football:,_born_1972)

After a long playing career as a defender, Holden has had primarily assistant or caretaker manager roles at Oldham Athletic, Bristol City and Stoke City:

He is available and presumably not too expensive.


  1. If this is stage 1 of a takeover? O/K. If it means Sandgaard is staying, they'll all be out of work by may.