Sunday 6 November 2011

Addick evacuated

Stourbridge Addick Geoff Dixon is evacuated from a Virgin train at South Kenton on Saturday

I am just grateful I was able to get off on to a platform at Coventry!   I wrongly said earlier that this was a photo of Walsall Addick Graham Speller, but he took the photo.   I should be able to tell the difference, although they are both gentlemen of a similar age!   I owe them both a drink.

Graham says, 'Easy for us but for those passengers in wheelchairs bit more of a challenge. Support from Virgin staff Ambulance crew and transport police was brilliant. And something of the "blitz" spirit surfaced amongst the passengers too.'

Geoff Dixon can do a marvellous imitation of the Black Country accent.   It's difficult to make people on the tube laugh, but he achieved that once on the Jubilee Line.

One thing I will never know is how the Bloke Behind Me reacted to our victory.   Once when we were 2-0 ahead against Stockport and looked like scoring more he stormed out saying, 'I can't take any more of this.'  Someone said, 'You are going to miss more goals' and he replied, 'That's what worries me.'   (We won 4-0 as I recall).   In a league cup game we were beating Burnley 4-1 and he yelled 'They're all over you Charlton.'

You couldn't make it up.

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