Friday 11 November 2011

Danish pastry

Copenhagen: One of the odd things about being notionally retired is that you suddenly find yourself in demand for all sorts of tasks.  I have accepted the chairmanship of a commission which may turn out to be  a poisoned chalice, but one of the more pleasant tasks has been advising on appointments in Denmark.    This is usually done by phone and e-mail, but today I find myself in Copenhagen meeting up friends with old and new and coping with a bewildering mixture of English, Danish and Swedish in the bar.

It's quite a sporting weekend to look forward to you when I return tomorrow: Leamington v. Cambridge City tomorrow afternoon, Charlton on television on Sunday and then ice hockey in the evening.

Sunday's match is a difficult one to deal with.   There has already been some bigging up by Halifax and an attempt to read off from the Northwich result, but our team is far stronger than it was then.   You can get 1/2 on the Addicks for a win and 6/1 on the Shaymen.

We need to win this match simply for morale purposes, but we don't want a key player injured by a northern clogger.   That certainly means starting without Bradley Wright-Phillips and possibly a number of another key players such as Wiggins.   Hughes and Jackson should be able to cope with anything Halifax throw at them.

Here's hoping for a comfortable win on Sunday and no injuries.

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