Saturday 19 November 2011

Has Waggy got the hump?

There are uncorroborated rumours circulating that Scott Wagstaff may be leaving in the January window and that loan player Hogan Ephraim is being set up as his replacement.   Wagstaff is the player most vulnerable to the arrival of Ephraim, but I doubt whether he will start in front of Wagstaff this afternoon.   Green has also been favoured in front of Wagstaff, so Waggy may think that he is out of favour.

However, I do not see where he would go, unless we got a financially advantageous offer from a Championship club.   Millwall and Palace come to mind but I do not know where their squads might need strengthening.

For me Wagstaff is a player who can rarely deliver the full 90 minutes, although that is not an issue when one has a good substitute and Ephraim may come on in that role this afternoon.   Wagstaff does have a real ability to unsettle the opposition and I think he could also do that at a higher level.   I would not want to see him go and I am still unconvinced that he will despite the persistence of rumours.

I was hoping that Paul May would cover this afternoon's game with his customary speed and élan, but he had a heavy night and his arrival in West London is in some doubt.

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