Thursday 3 November 2011

Kentish man

Many years ago I had to attend tedious meetings in Brussels which were held either in windowless rooms or with drawn shades.   My spirits only started to lift when the Eurostar started to approach what I regarded as 'Charlton territory'.

This morning the train from Victoria went through Bromley, home of one of liveliest branches of the supporters club and then through Swanley where I know there are many Addickted.   But then the train branched off and we plunged into deep and unfamiliar Kent countryside.

The train did stop at a station for Wrotham which I remember reaching on a Green Line bus from Eltham.   These days, of course, there as many Addickted in Kent as there are in the home boroughs.   Even Rick Everitt is now 'Rick from Ramsgate', although it is said that he has a base in Welling where he was once mayor.

By now I thought that I must be in terra incognita although at West Malling station I did see a bus for Kings Hill, the home of blogger Kings Hill Addick.   Then when I arrived at East Malling reception, someone bounded up to me and said 'You sit in the East Stand.   I am a Charlton supporter as well.'   So they are everywhere in Kent.


  1. Hello Wyn,
    Been reading your blog for a while and am actually one addicks fan from swanley based in brussels...

  2. Interesting. I hope that your meetings are less boring than mine were and that you are better briefed.