Saturday 5 November 2011

Turned back at Coventry

I won't be able to make it to the game today.   When I got to Coventry and, after I had bought my ticket, I found that there were effectively no services because of overhead line problems at Wembley Central.   Once the overhead line goes down it takes ages to repair it which is one advantage of the more antiquated third rail technology used on south-eastern.  

It was too late to use the Deutsche Bahn service from Leamington.   The reason I don't use that service on Saturdays is that Virgin is cheaper at the weekends, faster and more frequent.   Moral is that I should check online before setting out - I often do but didn't this morning.  Anyway, it's a small thing when you think of all the people who lost their lives on the M5.

I am trying to get hold of Paul May in the hope that he is available and reasonably sober.   He can then provide a match report.   Indeed, given the technology he uses, you will get it much more quickly.


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