Sunday 13 November 2011

Job done

4-0 wins are becoming a bit monotonous for Charlton, but it was case of doing the necessary against the Shaymen today to earn a glamorous home time against Carlisle United.   But at least the media attention will be elsewhere, for example at AFC Totton as they take on Bristol Rovers.

Charlton started playing the game as they should have done - cautiously and keeping possession to safeguard against any errors that might give the home side a lead.   Taylor, as he admitted later, missed one good chance, but made amends for it ten minutes later when he scored to put the Addicks one ahead at the break.

Halifax gave a good account of themselves, playing some decent football and threatening more than once.  Sullivan didn't have a particularly good first half, but improved as the game went on.   However, I would be concerned if Hamer picked up an injury.

The Shaymen looked as if they might equalise for parts of the second half, particularly after Jason St. Juste came on, which raises the question of why he wasn't there from the start.   Not sure, though, that it was our toughest test of the season as Johnnie Jackson said afterwards but maybe it seemed like that on the pitch.

Hayes had not looked impressive in front of goal, but he did provide an intelligent assist to allow Johnnie Jackson to score one of his skipper's goals.   It took a slight deflection, but really put the game beyond the reach of Halifax.   Hollands then had a tap in for the third after Halifax had not defended well from a corner.

There was then what was described but not shown on television as a mini pitch invasion.   Given that the Addickted were chanting 'you fat b*****d' one might conclude that a horizontally challenged local bereft of his clothing had gone for a streak.

What I had feared before the game happened when Lowe went in low on Waggy.   The northern clogger was shown a red card by the referee and fortunately Waggy suffered no lasting damage.   (On reflection and having read the comments of others, I do agree that Waggy made the most of it and the card was a bit harsh, but I thought that the referee had a good game on the whole).

The 3-0 lead gave Chris Powell the chance to give Michael Smith his Charlton debut.   Bradley Pritchard made a welcome return from injury and burst through to score his first goal for the club.

It is clear that Hayes and Euell are not our best pairing, indeed Euell contributed relatively little.  Evina is no Wiggins, although he made one nice run.   Solly made some key interventions.

This was a first ever win for Charlton at Halifax and once again it reflected a team full if confidence, even without a few of its best players.

Two wins so far this weekend, so off to the Skydome soon to see if Blaze can overcome Dundee Stars.  Should be able to, but you never know.  

Postscript: Blaze won 4-3 in an exciting game.   Some things never fail to puzzle me in hockey.  Face off was delayed while the ref (often the same one every week, there are only a few of them) had a long and friendly chat with the granite charm merchant minding the Dundee net.   If this happened in football, the crowd would soon have something to say.

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